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Vintage Visuals

Stereo photography was popularized by Oliver Wendell Holmes in the very early days of photography. Stereo views have been with us since in the form of stereoscopes, Viewmasters, 3-D movies, and other systems which let us see real depth in our pictures.

Doug McGovern, the proprietor and operator for Vintage Visuals, became interested in stereo vision while doing research on remotely driven vehicles. Doug and his colleagues found that you could drive on smooth, clean roads using a single TV camera. It is very difficult, however, to avoid “negative obstacles” (potholes and drop-offs), to recognize slopes, and to control the vehicle on all but the most simple paths. Adding a second camera allows the operator to view the terrain in stereo so that depth and contours could be readily identified. This gives enough additional information to the operator so that operation in rough terrain is possible.

Stereo photography provides similar improvement in understanding images in other fields as well. Compared to a single, flat photograph, a stereo picture adds depth and clearly shows terrain features. Doug recognized the utility of this depth feature in photographing Civil War battlefields (another of his hobbies). Key features of a battle often depend on the terrain. A single picture usually shows trees, brush, and some green or brown earth. With a stereo photograph of a battlefield, the roads, paths, stream beds, and hills stand out. You can “see” the terrain as real, rather than as a flat picture. You can truly separate the forest from the trees. After experimenting with the power and versatility of stereo photography, Doug decided that others might be interested as well. Thus was born Vintage Visuals — a company specializing in producing and providing stereo pictures.

Vintage Visuals is committed to providing an authentic looking original Holmes style stereo product using modern technology.

"A special way to preserve a special memory"

Dr. Doug McGovern

Photographer, Producer, Distributor

Dr. Doug McGovern