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Douglas E. McGovern, Ph.D., President - RMTCI

Doug McGovern

Douglas E. McGovern is President and Chief Engineer of RMTCI. He has particular expertise in smart card and financial system security, biometric authentication, technical and physical security, quality, and training.

Doug "retired" from Sandia National Laboratories in 1997, having concluded his career there as Department Manager for Access Control and Physical Protection Systems. His previous work included serving as Government Liaison to the Board of Directors of the Smart Card Forum, development of standards for use of CCTV in physical security, multiple systems developments for military and government security needs, the testing of remotely driven vehicles, and a long term on-site assignment with the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna Austria. Other experience included a tour in the oil well logging industry with Gearhart Industries, Inc, and development of US Navy security systems with RCA.

Doug has written numerous papers and has given presentations in areas ranging from physical security to robotics. He has been an instructor for smart card security, physical protection, human factors, and quality. McGovern has one patent. His education includes a BSME from Northwestern University, MS and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and an MSEE from University of New Mexico. He is teaching on-line with the University of Phoenix. Doug is also a Crosby trained Quality Instructor and has earned the Golden Goose from Stephen Covey.

Doug currently lives in a National Historic Register House in Hutchinson, Kansas and is the Chairman of the Hutchinson Landmarks Commission. He is also active in Civil War historical preservation activities and, through Vintage Visuals, is making stereoscopic photographs.